NSX: Sharing the overlay transport VLAN between ESXi TEPs and Edge TEPs

Since NSX-T version 3.1.0 and higher, it is possible under certain circumstances to use the Edge TEP and the Host...

Daniel Krieger

5. December 2023
Movember Part 4: Signs a men needs support while struggling with mental health

In mental health talks, we often talk about women, but it’s really important not to forget about men. Many people...

Joelina Wüst

23. November 2023
Prioritizing Men’s Health: The Importance of Regular Check-ups

As we step into the third week of Movember, a month dedicated to raising awareness about men’s health issues, we...

Joelina Wüst

16. November 2023
Get Moving with evoila’s Wellpass: Keeping Our Nerds Healthy and Happy!

In the fast-moving world of tech, it’s easy to forget about taking care of our bodies when we’re busy working...

Joelina Wüst

8. November 2023
Promoting men’s mental health in the workplace: signs of a supportive environment

Studies have found that men often hide their own mental health issues and don’t want to ask for help. This...

Joelina Wüst

3. November 2023
VMware Aria: what, when, and why?

Handling incoming images is a very central topic for many companies active in the media industry. Managing these images is...

Rafał Lechoniewicz

31. October 2023
Point-to-Point Integrations with EventBridge Pipes

Introduction EventBridge Pipes is a new functionality that was released at last year’s re:Invent and is intended to simplify various...

Tim Rosenblüh

16. October 2023
AI Aided Observability

Current Development Trends In today’s development landscape the use of microservices is ever increasing. That is not only a current...

Joelina Wüst

16. October 2023
I Exposed AWS Access Keys, On Purpose: Here’s What I Learned and How I Boosted Incident Response

Introduction Who doesn’t know that, you just write a quick fix for your code? After a few hours, the function...

Eduard Schwarzkopf

5. October 2023
How to create a local IoT broker with greengrass and connect it to the aws cloud

Introduction Greengrass is a software developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the deployment of local compute, messaging, and data...

Eduard Schwarzkopf

22. September 2023
Starting the AWS cloud journey 

… a real-life fairy tale.   AWS Cloud to the rescue  Once upon a time there was a company which...

Florian Bauer

21. September 2023
Is Microsoft working on a new Domain and Forest Functional Level after 7 years?

Active Directory (AD) was first released in Windows 2000 Server edition – a bit over 20 years ago. It is...

Marcin Chwała

5. September 2023