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Our areas of expertise in the field of
Engineering, Data Science & KI


Perform and combine many types of searches with Elasticsearch.


For high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and Big Data applications.

Data Warehouse

Making the most of your data.

Data Lakehouse

Get the best of both worlds: Data Warehouse and Data Lake.

Machine Learning Operations

Achieve the highest possible level of automation.

Data strategy brings success


Data science and machine learning are revolutionizing the market – in the future, data-driven companies will dominate the market because they are able to make data-driven decisions within the shortest possible time. It is therefore crucial for companies to develop a data strategy in order to be successful in the long term in a market that is becoming increasingly innovative.

However, the road to becoming a data-driven company brings with it many questions and challenges. What are the potential uses? What data is needed and how can this data be brought together and used efficiently? How is the right information made available in the right place?

Our consulting team will answer these and many other questions for you. evoila will help you develop a data strategy that fits your company and integrate it in a way that adds value. In addition, we provide holistic consulting and support during implementation.


Each use case should be individually tailored to the business—we work closely with you to determine how you can generate real value from your data.


Together, we create a strategic plan that fits your goals. We help you define a clear path to enter a new phase of value creation.


We accompany you in the integration of your Data Science & AI solutions. Our consultants advise you on technologies & infrastructures and support you in implementing best practices.

“Data Science & AI are not trends that will fade away. Companies should develop a data strategy as early as possible to secure crucial competitive advantages.”

Data Science Consulting

By automating and optimizing processes, costs are reduced, the quality of products and services increases, sales grow and customer satisfaction increases. While the benefits of Data Science are obvious, getting started in a targeted way causes problems for many companies.

Regardless of a company’s use case, the hurdles in implementing Data Science projects are often the same: bringing together very large amounts of data from a variety of different data sources, preparing the data and producing the necessary data quality, real-time processing and analysis of real-time data, and making the insights available to the right departments.

evoila helps you to master these problems and to make the most of the opportunities in the age of data analysis! Our consulting team supports you throughout the entire lifecycle of your project and advises on use cases, infrastructure, Big Data technologies, scalability, automation, monitoring, cloud computing, and much more.

KI & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest game changers and is considered a crucial future technology in business across all industries.

It is the driving force behind disruptive innovations and will lead to groundbreaking products. However, artificial intelligence or machine learning must not be seen as just a means of optimization; rather, a strategy must be developed for how AI will lead to new forms of revenue generation.

For many, however, using artificial intelligence or machine learning in a way that adds value is a major challenge. evoila accompanies you on your AI journey and helps you identify potential in your company and anchor a company-wide strategy. Together, we define a clear path and support you in integrating AI-based applications into your existing processes and systems.

Our expert areas in the field of Engineering, Data Science & AI


  • Stream processing, real-time data manipulation & machine learning
  • Fully paralleled processes for data processing in the petabyte range
  • Integration with your existing systems


  • Consolidation of all your business data—no matter which format
  • Granular analytics for diverse use cases
  • Skalierbare und hochverfügbare Scalable and highly available solutions scaling with your data


  • Automation of the ETL and ELT pipeline
  • Centralization of data from various sources
  • Comfortable access to your information and powerful analytics in all subject areas


  • MLOps platforms for your machine learning development
  • Automation of repetitive processes with high manpower requirements
  • Analysis and statistical evaluation of your company data
  • Specialists in Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision


  • Production planning: Increasing efficiency by optimizing the production sequence.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Anticipate failures before they occur.
  • Demand Forecasting: Know today what will be bought tomorrow!
  • One-stop shopping: With our partners, we offer everything from cabling of machines & infrastructure to data engineering, data analysis & dashboard.


  • Certified Consultants: Elastic, Kafka, Spark, Cassandra, MongoDB, AWS Machine Learning, etc.
  • Experienced specialists: Kafka, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Spark, Spark Delta Lake, AWS & Azure Data Services
  • Partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, VMware, Dell, Elastic, Labelbox, Valohai and Confluence.
  • Deployment of open source software tailored to your use case.

That is why we are your strong partner


Our consulting team supports you holistically in building your data analytics platforms as well as data intensive applications & WebUIs. We are technology agnostic and support installations on bare metal, virtual machines, containers and the common hyperscalers. Our scope of services is just as flexible as our tech stack. We take over the deployment of small database clusters on an existing cloud infrastructure as well as the setup of a complex data lake with large data pipelines, several data warehouses and data marts in a hybrid cloud environment.


To ensure the operation of the infrastructure, we offer a 24/7 managed service. We take over the monitoring of the service and guarantee a response time in the lower two-digit minute range in the event of failures. Support is provided exclusively by employees trained and certified in the relevant technologies. We offer this service not only for our public cloud, but also for on-premises solutions.


Our consulting team includes experts in various disciplines and technologies. Our broad technical knowledge enables us to analyze complex, heterogeneous system environments and design highly available, scalable Data Science & AI solutions for your individual requirements.


Regardless of whether you have a vision or an ongoing data science and AI project—we support you in every phase and help you with new launches, further development and optimization. Our consulting team advises you all along the line, from the identification of use cases to strategic planning and seamless integration into your systems.

Your partner for building a successful Data Driven Company

Our consulting team offers specialists in areas such as cloud, hyperscaler, data engineering, data analytics & machine learning, security and software development and is therefore able to fully support your project. We are independent of cloud providers and technologies.

  • Holistic consulting
    Comprehensive consulting from vision to integration
  • Certified Experts
    Experienced specialists in a wide range of Data Science & ML technologies
  • Training & Education
    We bring Data Science know-how to your company

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