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evoila is a Confluent partner and offers a wide range of consulting services for the whole Kafka ecosystem. Our consultants are experienced in the administration of on-premises Kafka platforms and Kafka clusters in cloud environments. We cooperate closely with our customers and are specialized in deploying high performance Kafka clusters according to your individual requirements.

Our consultants are experts in many big data technologies and introduce their expertise in complex data engineering projects using Kafka as data pipeline. Furthermore, we have a team of Spark & Kafka Streams engineers, which helps you implement stream processing jobs. We also have consultants with a background in software development, who can help you introduce event-driven microservices.

We take on deployment, administration, monitoring, and support. We also offer individual managed services, tailored to the demands and requirements of the customer. Thus, we relieve you from the burden of operations, so that you only have to use Kafka. Everything else is our business!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Scalable, highly available & high-performance Kafka platform
  • Real-time data collecting, processing & integration
  • Real-time machine learning
  • Built-in replication mechanism
  • Integrates into existing systems and applications


The Apache Kafka distributed streaming platform is an open-source software for high-availability systems, which enables a quick and efficient processing of large data streams. The Apache Kafka ecosystem is very comprehensive and offers with Kafka Connect a multitude of interfaces to integrate with other technologies like Cassandra, Elastic, AWS, and others. To cope with real-time requests, Kafka offers Kafka Streams as powerful tool for real time analytics and allows the integration with stream processing tools like Spark.

Real-time, scalability and resilience

In the future, enterprises, whose infrastructures can cope with rapidly increasing amounts of data and process them in real time, will dominate the marked. But if systems need to be interconnected and data needs to be transferred, significant issues quickly arise. Scalability and reliability become a challenge, particularly, if exceptionally large data streams or real-time requests are concerned. evoila helps you to cope with these challenges and realize your plan!


Kafka is an instance between source and target system. The streaming platform does not only accelerate information exchange, but it also offers powerful tools to process data in real time. The deployment of Apache Kafka can reduce or even eliminate problems, which occur in case of a direct connection between sender and receiver. For example, a direct connection may lead to data loss, if the receiver is not available, as data cannot be cached. Another challenge during direct data transfer is a receiver, which is overloaded or receives data slower than the sender transmits them. Apache Kafka is more than a simple message queue; the platform offers high fault tolerance, scales easily, delivers high performance and a powerful toolchain!


Apache Kafka is perfectly suited for distributed platforms and scores with high fault tolerance. Furthermore, the software scales easily. The processing of data with Apache Kafka is performed with low latency and offers a high data throughput with real-time capabilities. Many enterprises use the software for stream processing in different applications. Apache Kafka is also supported by many cloud providers, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

“Apache Kafka is an open-source platform, used by thousands of enterprises for high performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, and big data applications.”

We help you deploy a scalable high-performance Kafka platform

Arrange a free personal consultation with one of our experienced evoila experts. Get answers to your questions around Kafka.

Our offer

  • Use case evaluation
  • Kafka architectural design & review
  • Kafka performance management and evaluation
  • Development and operation of real-time analytics
  • Consulting and development of stream processing jobs with Spark Streaming and Kafka Streams
  • Managing and hosting of on-premises- and on-cloud Kafka clusters
  • Consulting for the whole Kafka ecosystem
  • Certified experts for Kafka administration, Kafka Streams & KSQL, Spark Streaming
  • 24/7 support & managed service
  • Individual consulting for any development phase
  • Official Confluent partner

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