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evoila is your competent partner for the operation of hyperconvergent infrastructure (HCI) solutions from Dell and VMware. In this context we consult you about all questions, challenges, and tasks regarding your HCI environment. Our colleagues were already able to gain experience with many projects involving HCI products from VMware like vSAN, vSphere, NSX, and the vRealize suite. HCI solutions from Dell, like vXRail and VMware Cloud Foundation on vXRail are also part of our portfolio.

Whether private, hybrid, or public HCI environments: with evoila, you benefit from the expertise of our VMware and Dell certified colleagues when setting up, running, and optimizing HCI environments.

More Flexibility and Higher Availability Thanks to HCI

Our experts support you in all issues regarding HCI solutions from Dell and VMware. Together with you, we conduct workshops to find the perfect way to tailor your HCI environment to your exact demands. And we are forearmed for all possibilities and contingencies thanks to your experience with various environments.

One of the key requirements for many new environments is flexibility. With HCI solutions, many components, like storage and network, which had to be kept ready physically for a long time, can now be virtualized. This way, you gain independence from hardware constructs and can adapt your environment to changing requirements more easily while leveraging on higher availability and facilitated maintenance and operation thanks to automated processes.

Simpler Design for the Cloud Era

Although HCI is not a cloud-based infrastructure, it is perfectly suited for the cloud era. Its framework excels with simple and flexible design. HCI removes silos and other barriers to your development. Because using such a system, your organization can manage data and deploy new applications more quickly.

Easy Implementation of Hybrid Systems

HCI platforms combine virtualized networks and data processing with software-defined storage. Usually, software is provisioned in the same way, whether it is hosted in a data center or in the cloud. This makes a hyperconvergent framework perfect for any organization that wants to build a hybrid system.

Consolidated Analytics

It is easy to monitor the performance of HCI frameworks, because HCI products often include extensive analytical software. This helps your company to keep track of the workloads and to detect resource or performance bottlenecks more easily. This kind of monitoring is often possible with a lucid dashboard.


Another important benefit of HCI is the ability to grow and develop further together with your organization. As storage, computing, and network solutions are combined, systems can be scaled more easily. Expanding your infrastructure’s capabilities in case of a legacy system requires much more effort. With a HCI system, new resources and features can be added to a framework easily.

Straightforward Management

HCI includes three different elements in one solution: storage, computing, and networks. Using legacy systems, your organization might require specialists to manage each individual element. If you elect for a HCI, management is less complicated.

More Efficient Disaster Recovery

Many elements of hyperconvergent products can enhance disaster recovery. Most HCI systems provide superb functions for data backup, recovery, and deduplication. Not to mention analytic capabilities, which are needed to keep track of and manage all these functions.

Improved Management Capabilities and Reduced Resource Requirements

HCI allows for easier management than legacy alternatives. This means that your technical staff requires less time to solve storage and similar problems. They can instead focus their attention on more urgent matters.

HCI also eases the reduction of hardware demands. Another benefit is the abandonment from silos. This way, hardware can be eliminated, which may eventually prove superfluous.

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