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In the age of big data, many companies face an increasing flood of data. This is accompanied by the challenge to organize this amount of information to make use of it. Data warehouses address this challenge, because they combine data sets from various sources, enable powerful analyses in the petabyte-range, and support data visualization. evoila consults you for efficient data warehousing.

  • Setup of data warehouse & ETL/data pipeline 
  • Optimization and assurance of data quality 
  • On-premises, on-cloud, and integrated appliance data warehouse solutions  
  • Use of best-in-class technologies 
  • Broad service portfolio for the complete data analytics ecosystem 
  • Individual consulting in any development phase 
  • 24/7 managed service 
  • Experienced data base experts for PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, etc. 
  • Individual modes of co-operation 

Central collection of business data

A data warehouse is a central storage for business data, which is created for analysis purposes. Its task is to support your organization in decision making. The enormous amounts of data in data warehouses originate from various sources.
They include:




A software continuously acquires information from the data assets of those apps and systems. Subsequently, formatting and import processes are applied to them. On this occasion, a matching to information already existing in the warehouse is performed. The data warehouse solution stores this data to make it accessible to decision makers. The frequency of data retrieval and its formatting is defined by the organization’s requirements.

Data warehousing in the cloud

The integration of different data sources in data warehouses in the cloud increasingly provides the base for required evidence-based decisions. Their information originates from a combination of different and partially connected data bases (i.e., CRM, product sales, machine data, etc.). Cloud data warehouses have an organized scheme for these connected data bases and systems. They ease access and interpretation of information for business intelligence purposes.

The development of a business warehouse architecture can be a challenge because it encompasses several process steps. The design and implementation do not only require detailed knowledge about source and target technologies, but also specific expertise about the implementation of analytics processes. From technology selection for a data warehouse to data visualization, our consultants offer comprehensive support to you in all areas and help to set up a powerful data warehouse.

In this regard, the current development step is irrelevant, we consult for any stage. 

  • Monitoring/change data capture 
  • Technology choice for the data warehouse and the ETL pipeline 
  • Extraction of data from different source systems 
  • Cleaning, transformation, and enhancement of data 
  • Loading of the data warehouse, updating and versioning of data 
  • Data modeling and indexing 
  • Analytical SQL & data mining 
  • Data marts 
  • Data access and visualization 

Turn your data into your most valuable asset

Irrespective of your endeavor’s scope, real-time requirements, or a planned migration—our team supports you in every aspect. Our consultants are trained in PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Amazon Redshift, and Oracle.


  • Ad-hoc queries
  • Ad-hoc analytics
  • Central access to all data
  • Make best use of your data
  • Enhance productivity of developers and data scientists

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