Our Individual evoila Offer

We provide you with a fully automated deployment, which is installed at your site ready to use. We deliver not within months, but within days!

Our VxRail Expert Knowledge – Your Advantage

  • Central support for software and hardware
  • VMware Premier Partner for data center, network automation and more
  • Extensive project experience including NSX, PKS, and PCF
  • More than 100 component deployments
  • Best practice designs and ready-to-run setups available within one week
  • All offerings also available as managed service
  • Direct Cloud Connect to a vCloud with 3 sites in Germany or directly to the hyperscaler

Standard IT for Your Success

Save time to generate business value

evoila does not offer months of consulting, but readily usable out-of-the-box solutions!

We provide you with an automated, readily usable hybrid cloud solution, which covers everything from IaaS to CaaS to PaaS, including integration into public clouds.

And all of this not within a year but tomorrow if you wish. You decide flexibly, if you want a traditional IaaS infrastructure with full cost control, clear scaling and easy extendibility or if you prefer an IaaS, CaaS or PaaS environment.

Our Mission

More DevOps with CICD and containers and full developer readiness in an on-premises enterprise environment.

The evoila Solution

The One Box Setup from evoila with developer readiness, based on VxRail, makes the difference.

How it Works

  • Storage tiers
  • Network segmentation, firewalling, and load balancing
  • Deployment sizing and life cycle management of Kubernetes clusters
  • CICD with Jenkins or Concourse
  • Provision of data services like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, etc.

“Integrating your VxRail instance directly in VMware is a great benefit to your business. Because then you do not have to worry about testing anymore.”

Simplify Your IT

Our setup including Enterprise Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry with network virtualization (NSX) allows you:

  • Deployment, testing and application onboarding within a few days
  • Network implementation including fully automated network configuration and detection during deployment, cluster extension and administration
  • Automation for simpler management and provision of the full VMware Cloud Stack All this including networking in hybrid cloud environments with VxRail clusters
  • Central control of all VxRail tasks directly via the VMware vCenter server console
  • Future-proof best practice design by our experienced team
  • Integrated system monitoring, automation, and analytics for daily administration of convergent infrastructures

From CapEx to OpEx

evoila Licensing-as-a-Service—flexible and based on usage!

You probably also want to simplify software licensing. This is all about reducing the management and maintenance effort. Licensing-as-a-Service by evoila allows a quicker and more comprehensive response to your individual customer demands and to simplify software licensing. This applies to your on-premises cloud setup, IaaS, CaaS, PaaS, and for the use of hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Pay Per Use

Contact us — we can license every VMware infrastructure by usage on a monthly basis.

Your Advantage

  • No high one-time license fees
  • No overbooking of licenses for the future
  • No capital tie-up in licenses

But a Significant Difference

  • Monthly usage report
  • Monthly, usage-based accounting
  • Adjustment of used license products at any time
  • Consistent license terms for your whole infrastructure
  • No licensing problems during M&A and infrastructure mergers

Our Service for You

  • Design and implementation by experts
  • Operation and maintenance of hardware including software stack and all updates by evoila, if desired
  • We care for integration in public clouds like VMC on AWS/VMC on Azure including infrastructure scaling
  • We deliver a comprehensive greenfield setup, which is easy to integrate—try it 6 months without obligation
  • You are provided with a software-based architecture and consolidated computer, storage, virtualization, and management resources.
  • Full stack integration of VMware technologies. From IaaS to CaaS to PaaS.
  • Pay per use model available

VxRail — Developed for VMware, with VMware, and to Continuously Improve VMware

No matter if you want to modernize your data center, deploy a hybrid cloud, or set up a developer-friendly Kubernetes platform: VxRail is a ready-made environment, which you can use continuously to develop innovations.

The joint engineering of Dell EMC and VMware provides a seamless, curated, and optimized hyperconvergent user experience. The combination of the easily usable VxRail HCI system software with the power of next-generation PowerEdge servers offers a perfect platform for core, edge, and cloud.

Your benefits with VxRail

  • Non-stop usability while reducing risks thanks to full-stack life cycle management
  • Easy access to the hybrid cloud universe thanks to unique linkage with VMware Cloud Foundation


faster deployment of IT services


ROI within 5 years


more efficient teams

Scalable Infrastructure

Plug & Play

The VxRail HCI system software is the first and only HCI operating system developed together with VMware. It increases operational efficiency with full stack integrity, automated end-to-end life cycle management and AI-based predictive analytics. With VxRail, you can extend your infrastructure’s CPU, RAM, or storage fully automated.

Your Advantage

  • You get a validated design for VxRail with VMware components from evoila and the possibility to scale between one and 64 nodes.
  • You will significantly optimize your ROI

This Begins with Software and Goes Far Beyond Hardware

Licensing-as-a-Service will significantly simplify everyday operations and you will benefit in multiple ways. But what if the benefits of the software range would also apply to hardware? At evoila, you can license the whole stack, including hardware. We provide all required elements usage-based on a monthly basis. This means storage, CPU, RAM, networking, backup infrastructure, and, if desired, your complete data center as a service. Contact as and tell us what you need.

Try for 6 months without obligation! Contact our experts now!

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