Cloud Security

Comprehensive Security Concepts for Cloud Usage in Your Business

Implementing the cloud requires careful security planning. A key task is combining business compliance and security. This requires any cloud initiative to be planned strategically in advance. Cloud security and compliance can hardly be implemented afterwards. Therefore, they must be considered during the whole cloud implementation.

We help you detect and avoid pitfalls during your journey into the cloud. Our cloud and security consulting teams work together closely to design and implement a comprehensive cloud security and compliance model. This applies to cloud infrastructures and business applications, to vendors and users.

Cloud security Is the Foundation for Your IT Innovations

If you process sensitive personal and business data on the Internet, you must ensure a high degree of security. This means that data and infrastructure security measures need to be considered during the whole cloud design phase. There is no other way for your IT to generate sustainable innovations.

Data Bases

Leave data base leaks behind. Make the first step towards secure data storage with proper security measures.


Safeguarding storage does not only mean encryption. Our best practice supports you when handling cloud storage.


Enjoy the benefits of an IAM-based user management and avoid intransparent permissions for users and groups. We support you.


Proper logging settings for your public cloud provider help you to draw the right conclusions in case of an incident. Proactive monitoring of log data is equally important.

The Right Partner for Secure Cloud Computing

Business data is any business’ most valuable asset. Therefore, you should ask yourself the following questions when selecting a cloud provider:

  • Who is my service partner and who is behind that?
  • Where is my data stored physically?
  • Can the provider demonstrate quality and reliability of the service transparently?
  • Does my partner hold all relevant certifications?
  • Which kind of authentication is used?
  • Is the digital identity effectively verified to ensure the identity of the partner?
  • What happens to my data and is transparent, who processes them?

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