Netzwerk Monitoring / NOC

Based on predetermined SLA’s, we monitor your network, 365 days around the clock if desired. Decisive for the quality of network monitoring is the right choice and the professional implementation of individual components from our service package: 

  • Determination of reaction times, repair times and escalation procedures.
  • Monitoring of your systems according to the defined SLA parameters at the desired times and as required intervention.
  • Definition of the required service level, in detail related to individual components, system states, monitoring times and other factors. 
  • Implementation of a monitoring platform, integration of monitoring tools locally or virtualized in the cloud.
  • Inventory, determination of actual status, ideally with network check
  • Continuous analysis and reporting of all incidents, the resulting activities and, if necessary, Suggestions for measures to optimise and improve.

Service agreement

Do you have and need more and more clients without a network connection? There’s a switch in the meeting room, and there’s a bunch of wires around? Wireless networks are becoming more and more important, they can and must meet the highest security requirements and be available on a stable basis. 

Classical Maintenance Contracts

Are always depend on your core and access infrastructure? Failure of the network means for you failure of business-critical processes and damage for your company? With a lifted maintenance contract, we work with you to create a completely individual, reliable basis that guarantees network availability to the required extent. 

Scope of services of classic maintenance contract:

  • Hotline up to 365/24 
  • Professional support remotely and on site with defined reaction and start times 
  • Suppression measures after clearly defined escalation processes 
  • Monitoring your network (PRTG), proactive troubleshooting 
  • Update Service, Handling Manufacturer Services and Manufacturer’s Warranty 
  • Complete documentation of all measures 
  • Jour Fixe reports on the state and incidents in your network so you can make the right decisions at an early stage.    

We make sure that your network is running!

Flex Contracts

Flexible contract models ensure comprehensive security at low fixed costs. For a monthly flat rate, we provide our technicians and the hotline within an agreed SLA (up to 24/7 with 2 hours of response time) and help you as soon as your network needs help. The billing from the time of the fault report is fair according to previously agreed tariffs. Contact us

Our Partners

Expect from us:

A partner – always there for you.

  • 100% network availability is our top priority, at all times!
  • A system house with many years of experience and satisfied customers from all sectors.
  • A system house where employee training is the top priority.

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