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Managed Services support small to medium businesses as well as enterprises in focusing on their core competencies. When outsourcing IT services with evoila, you benefit from preserving your employees and your budget, while getting access to innovative solutions, which bring your organization and your IT forward.

Our Managed Services Portfolio

Security Managed Service

A holistic approach to IT security. At evoila, IT security is not an add-on, but an integral part of every solution.

Big Data Managed Service

We accompany you into the future and help you develop a data strategy for your company.

ECP – Managed Service

evoila cloud platform: the ideal platform for innovation and performance in the cloud.

6 Good Reasons for Managed Services

Relieve Your IT Staff

Managed services help you to systematically outsource your IT tasks. Your staff gets more time for innovative projects, which make your businesses future-proof. Especially routine tasks, like backups or patch management are inevitable but very tedious tasks. Managed services are the perfect way to delegate and automate these tasks efficiently.

Act, Do Not React

Thanks to monitoring and analytics features, you always stay in control of performance and other parameters of your IT infrastructure. At the same time, automated alerts enable you to sound the alarm in time to effectively counter risks for your operation. This proactive management optimizes your security posture and the stability of your company’s IT infrastructure.

Tailored Solutions

The managed services provider evoila’s product portfolio contains services tailored for you. We will not impose inflexible and oversized all-in-one solutions on you. evoila’s managed services integrate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure. Thus, the interaction of hardware and software in your company is optimized.

Maximum Cost Efficiency and Full Transparency

Advanced billing models ensure that the cost for managed services is based on consumption and plausible, which is a benefit for you and for us. The abandonment of a break/fix model based on hourly rates and the settlement of a service contract ensure transparency, so you can keep track of your expenses.

Scalable and Flexible

Managed services score by acting upon your current demand: As no added infrastructure is needed at the users’ side, the services can be tailored to your demands flexibly. Clearly phrased and documented Service Level Agreements (SLA) round off the cooperation based on mutual trust.

High Security Standards

We are fully certified according to ISO 27001 and the criteria list C5 (Cloud Computing Compliance Criteria Catalogue) of the Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (Federal Office for Information Security). This means that you can trust in any managed service provided by us being protected by strict security criteria and their stringent implementation.

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