Mastering App Development with VMware Tanzu Application Platform

Maria Kmita
18. July 2023
Reading time: 1 min
Mastering App Development with VMware Tanzu Application Platform

Maciej Lelusz from evoila Poland and Johannes Gärtner, evoila Germany, joined forces to show how to work with VMware Tanzu Application Platform aka TAP.

In the episode of demoilab colleagues from different countries took a look at the same topic: Tanzu Application Platform. They check out how it can improve your application delivery times. By using the concepts within TAP, you are able to streamline the process of getting an application from code to running in production. Tanzu Application Platform allows your developers to focus on coding and business logic, whilst still maintaining a secure baseline, thanks to the application templates provided to them. These templates are filled with the requirements imposed by the security and operations teams. Tanzu Application Platform centralizes the entire process into a single UI, no need to check each point in the supply chain manually. With TAP you can guarantee consistent and repeatable deployments on Kubernetes anywhere.

Have a look at how it works!

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