VMware Tanzu Kubernetes with Aria Automation

Rafał Lechoniewicz
31. August 2023
Reading time: 1 min
VMware Tanzu Kubernetes with Aria Automation

In this task, Rafal Lechoniewicz creates the blueprint template which allows us to make the namespaces. Before starting he does a quick overview of the environment.

How do we integrate VMware Aria (ex vRealize) Automation with Tanzu? In this case, we’re going to create the namespace which will be ready to be published in this service broker use case. That solution is suitable for DevOps teams to deploy namespaces as needed. VMware Aria (aka vRealize) offers UI and extensive API to DevOps which can choose the best way to call the resources.

Demo made by Rafał is a supplement to his article about VMware Aria


Have a look at how it works!

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