VMware Tanzu Kubernetes with Aria Automation

In this task, Rafal Lechoniewicz creates the blueprint template which allows us to make the namespaces. Before starting he does...

Rafał Lechoniewicz

31. August 2023
Kafka with Apache Flink

What is Apache Flink?  Apache Flink is an open-source stream processing framework based on high-performance cluster computation. It runs self-contained...

Maya Horak

31. August 2023
A service for collecting the required information to monitor your machine learning models in production

Introduction In recent years, machine learning has developed from an interesting research topic to a point where companies can use...

Maya Horak

29. August 2023
What exactly is the Data Mesh, and what makes it necessary?

The concept of a Data Mesh Paradigm is one of the most popular trends in (Big) Data Management, characterized as...

Nils Kirsten

21. August 2023
Data Drift Monitoring for CV-Models

As machine learning models become more prevalent and widely used in various fields, it is becoming increasingly important to monitor...

Nils Kirsten

21. August 2023
Enforce Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure Virtual Desktop using Conditional Access

Azure Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualization cloud service by Microsoft. This service allows you to provide your...

Pascal Köhl

17. August 2023
What can I do to detect a stolen Microsoft Azure Access Key ?

After one week of the most problematic security reports in history of Public Cloud Provider Microsoft Azure, Microsoft now publishes...

Christopher Knöll

7. August 2023
New player in the market for IT Consulting & Managed Service

evoila acquires a majority stake in Microsoft specialists COPiTOS 15.06.2023. Mainz/Frankfurt am Main. To strengthen its position in the European...

Johannes Hiemer

27. July 2023
Reimagine the Image Pipeline

Handling incoming images is a very central topic for many companies active in the media industry. Managing these images is...

Thomas Berger

24. July 2023
Mastering App Development with VMware Tanzu Application Platform

Maciej Lelusz from evoila Poland and Johannes Gärtner, evoila Germany, joined forces to show how to work with VMware Tanzu...

Maria Kmita

18. July 2023
Bring your data import processes into the cloud 

For a company which is hosting a popular jobs and real estate website, it is essential to have a healthy...

Andreas Rütten

6. July 2023
ABAC vs RBAC – Leveraging AWS IAM to simplify large-scale access control

Introduction Access Control is becoming increasingly complicated and cumbersome when organizations get larger, operate more services and generally get more...

Tobias Quitzau

9. May 2023