Press release evoila & INLEO

Jürgen Horak
4. November 2022
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Press release evoila & INLEO

evoila & INLEO

The same ambitions, values, and mindset—that was clear from the very first conversation between evoila and INLEO. A joint venture that represents a win-win situation for both sides and promises long-term success. With over 200 experts, evoila brings the necessary market presence to become relevant for major customers in Poland, while INLEO expands the existing customer base perfectly. 

cutting edge

With the completion of the transaction INLEO brings more highly qualified VMware and AWS engineers to evoila. With its tech community engagements in the world of VMware and AWS, INLEO is a major player in the Polish market. The bottom line for evoila is even more expertise under one brand.

“For evoila, this is a great opportunity to enter a new, prospering large market and gain access to a large talent base,” says Jürgen Horak, responsible for international development at evoila.

To this, Maciej Lelusz, owner of INLEO and CEO evoila Poland, confirms: “As evoila Poland, we will move from being a pure professional services partner to a company with a broader portfolio that includes managed service and software development”. 

get it done

To meet the market demands of common customers across Europe, evoila will recruit professionals in Poland who are ready to develop within a multinational, top-class engineering team.

In accordance with our motto get it done, the entire evoila team is looking forward to the cooperation with new colleagues.

About evoila

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Our 200 evoila employees work at 5 locations across Europe to contribute to the success of our international customers from almost all industries.

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