Network virtualization with VMware and evoila

Our expert areas in the field of network virtualization with VMware


VMware SD-WAN by Velocloud. Planning and installation of your own SD-WAN network from the expert.


Planning, implementation and operation from the cloud expert.


NSX-T: The agile software-defined infrastructure for cloud-native application environments.

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Optimize network speed, agility, and security

Improve your virtual cloud network with comprehensive network and security virtualization thanks to VMware. You can interconnect and secure applications in your whole data center, multi-cloud, and container infrastructure using adequate solutions. NSX Data Center reproduces your entire network model in software. You benefit from being able to create and provision any network topology in seconds. This enables you to deliver critical apps and services faster and easier.


Your benefits at a glance

Agility by automation

Benefit from added flexibility and scalability using a complete L2-L7 stack in software. /p>

Security considered from the beginning

Protect individual workloads with network segmentation and micro-segmentation and create context-aware security policies to defend against lateral threats.

Consistent multi-cloud operations

Manage consistent networking and security policies across private and public clouds from a single pane of glass.

Lower CapEx and OpEx

Save up to 35% by consolidating networking and security functions on a single platform. Further reduce OpEx through simplified operations and optimized traffic flows.

Our experts look forward to telling you in a personal consulting, which screws and levers need to be turned.

Basic networking functions

NSX-T Data Center

Platform for network and security virtualization

NSX-T Data Center is focused on providing network, security, automation, and ease-of-use for application frameworks and architectures.

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Virtualization platform for WAN connections

SD-WAN holds software-based network technologies to virtualize WAN connections, so that branch offices gain powerful and reliable access to clouds and applications.

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NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Platform for multi-cloud load balancing

NSX Advanced Load Balancer (NSX ALB) offers a multi-cloud load balancing, a web application firewall, application analytics, and container ingress services from the data center to the cloud.

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Control the whole network from a single point

Benefit from a complete L2-L7 platform for network and security virtualization with VMware. Take advantage of managing the whole network as a unit from a single pane of glass. The underlying software-defined networking approach includes data centers, clouds, and application frameworks.

A plethora of use cases

VMware NSX represents your whole network model as software. This means that any network topology, from simple to complex, multi-layer networks, can be set up and deployed swiftly and independently from the underlying hardware. VMware NSX scores primarily by bringing networking and security closer to the application. No matter, where it is executed.


Use cases for VMware NSX include

Site interconnection (VPN and SD-WAN)
Zero Trust security
Multi-cloud networking
Network automation
Container networking
Improved load balancing
Container ingress