evoila Makes NSX Advanced Load Balancer Even Better

  • Provisioning and integration of NSX ALB
  • Installation planning and design for NSX ALB
  • Upgrade of existing installations to new versions
  • Upgrade von Installationen auf neue Versionen
  • Integration of compatible products like VMware Cloud Director, NSX-T, and VMware Tanzu

NSX Advanced Load Balancer

NSX Advanced Load Balancer (NSX ALB) offers a multi-cloud load balancing, a web application firewall, application analytics, and container ingress services from the data center to the cloud. evoila supports you during installation and integration of NSX Advanced Load Balancer as extension to NSX-T’s load balancing features. From planning to installation to operation, all from one provider.

NSX Advanced Load Balancer’s Benefits at a Glance

Easy Deployment

in VMware infrastructures

Integration in Existing VMware Products

like NSX-T and VMware Cloud Director

Facilitated Provisioning of Load Balancers

in the VMware Tanzu environment with reduced license “NSX Advanced Load Balancer Essentials”

Web Application Firewall

as extended security feature for load balancer

NSX Advanced Load Balancer’s Features for You

  • NSX ALB works as load balancer for Tanzu
  • Web Application Firewall for enhanced security on the application layer and additional prevention of SQL injections
  • Global Services Load Balancing for applications, which are run at multiple sites
  • Easier trouble shooting for communication from the user to the server and visualization of measurements like latency for all sections of the communication chain (e.g., user / load balancer and load balancer / server)

NSX ALB Optimizes Load Balancing in the Software-Defined Network

NSX ALB integrates extended load balancing features for your applications. This includes Web Application Firewalls and Global Service Load Balancing. Furthermore, NSX Advanced Load Balancer offers an alternative to NSX-T to run load balancers in a Tanzu context if NSX-T as full SDN solution is not needed.

NSX Advanced Load Balancing Training

We offer trainings and workshops adapted to your needs. They cover, amongst others, the following topics:

Load Balancing in General

  • Local Load Balancing
  • Global Service Load Balancing

Web Application Firewall

Architecture NSX ALB

  • Controller
  • Service engines


  • Local Load Balancing
  • Global Service Load Balancing

Use Cases

We Provide Exclusively

Thanks to our partnership with VMware and our impetus to be always state-of-the-art concerning technologies and products, we provide timely support for changes and new features. We do not only strive to integrate the respective product, but to also interweave it with the existing environment as far as possible. This always gives you a comprehensive solution, which we offer from planning to implementation to operation with a single point of contact.

  • Contact us and discuss your project with our experts.
  • We help you find out, which product offers the best solution for you and how it can be planned and implemented.
  • We ensure that the product fits your existing environment perfectly.

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