Benefit from Private and Public Cloud with a Hybrid Setup

Today, the topic of multi cloud must have a high degree of relevance in every strategic consideration of the transformation of enterprise IT. In order to achieve the optimum compromise between flexibility and cost efficiency, it is necessary to benefit from both the private cloud and the public cloud in a hybrid setup.

Over the years we at evoila, as a “cloud-native”; company, have gained a high degree of experience both in the classical infrastructure sector and in the public cloud. With us, you have a manufacturer-independent and trustworthy partner who can offer the entire solution chain from consulting to managed service and security in the cloud.

Public Cloud

We are currently working in partnership with the two major public cloud providers Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Hybrid Cloud

To map dynamic workload scenarios, it is essential to build on a hybrid scenario. Here there are different approaches.

Private Cloud

The majority of existing workloads today is not yet designed to be used in the cloud and will never be due to age and architecture. Here, too, there are cloud-like solutions.

Unified Operations

We operate infrastructures centrally, whether private, hybrid or public. Our teams are multi-dimensional and able to operate the cloud stack as well as the network and security stack.

High Security Requirements with Multi-Cloud Readiness

Does your company require a high level of security and insulation? All our Managed Platform Services are fully Multi Cloud enabled, whether Private, Public or Multi.

Absolute Support

With us, you receive only high-grade, certified engineers for the support of your workloads – 24/7 – Europe-wide.

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