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VMware Tanzu Mission Control

Multi-cloud Kubernetes management by experts.

Consistent operation and security in one place

VMware Tanzu Mission Control (TMC) is a central management platform for consistent operation and safeguarding of your VMware Kubernetes infrastructure and your modern applications across multiple teams and clouds.

Tanzu Mission Control provides a unique control area, offering your developers the required independence to drive their workflow. At the same time, the solution enables consistent management and operation across multiple environments to enhance security and governance.

Useful features for your benefit

The key features of Tanzu Mission Control include:

Cluster lifecycle management

Provisioning, scaling, updating, and removal of Tanzu Kubernetes grid clusters via Tanzu Mission Control in various environments.

Cluster attachment

Connect any desired conforming Kubernetes cluster running in other environments—either on-premises or in public clouds—with Tanzu Mission Control for efficient central management.

Central policy management

Apply consistent policies, including access, security, and custom policies to one or more clusters and name spaces in a large scale.

Monitoring and diagnosis

Global status monitoring for clusters and workloads in different clouds for quick diagnosis and error mitigation.

Data backup

Create and plan backups and recoveries of your clusters and/or name spaces via Tanzu Mission Control’s UI, CLI, and API and use the integrated open-source project Velero.

Identity and access management

Implement central authentication and authorization and a joint identity from multiple sources, like AD, LDAP, and SAML.

Cluster inspection

Perform cluster inspections, like Cluster Conformance Inspection and Center for Internet Services (CIS) Benchmark Inspection, to detect configuration and security problems.

Integration with other Tanzu products

Seamlessly use other Tanzu products by integration with Tanzu Mission Control. Tanzu Observability offers deep Kubernetes insights and analytics; Tanzu Service Mesh adds connectivity and extended data traffic management on a microservice level.


Management platform with added value

Tanzu Mission Control offers numerous benefits for your applications and your operations teams:

  • Increased agility and productivity for developers by enabling self-service access to Kubernetes clusters.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency thanks to central monitoring and management of multiple clusters across different teams and environments.
  • Enhanced security and compliance by enabling security policies to be applied consistently to all environments and regular checks of clusters for potential risks.