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Our project starts with the architectural discussion and the concept draft. The latter shows, how it shall be deployed. Together, we discuss the requirements on both sides. We also supply best practices about what should be available during installation. This in turn is the base for the adaptation of the solution to make it tailored to your application.

Then the installation is performed. This can be performed on-premises or remote with or without access to your environment. If desired, we create documents reflecting the status quo and describing processes like “permissions scheme” or “updates”.

We also support you in installing other tools, covering the following use cases:

  • Alerting
  • Logging
  • Monitoring
  • Backup and recovery
  • Infrastructure deployment via CI/CD
  • Kubernetes operators
  • DNS-as-a-Service
  • Identity and access management
  • Ingress controller

Optimal Operation of Multi-Cloud Environments

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid is a Kubernetes runtime solution, which optimizes the operation of multi-cloud infrastructures in the enterprise. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid was developed to ease installation and day 2 operations. It is integrated seamlessly in vSphere and can be extended to consistently run in your public cloud and edge environments.

evoila helps you to make best use of the solution.

  • Setup of a multi-cloud enabled Kubernetes platform and consulting on multi-cloud design
  • Kubernetes operation integrating
  • Kubernetes with Cluster API
  • Installation of Kubernetes platform
  • Consulting concerning architectural design
  • Design of a permission scheme for the platform We consult and support you on ingress services. This applies to Kubernetes and to the infrastructure in general. This is primarily about how applications are accessed and how applications access external services outside Kubernetes.
  • Alerting, logging, and monitorin We install various tools via TKG extensions and consult and support you during integration of existing solutions in Kubernetes
  • Lifecycle management in Kubernetes (Day 2)
  • Application deployment We support your developers during familiarization with the platform and offer workshops about the first steps.
  • Kubernetes Cluster-as-a-Service

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid’s Strengths

Newest Distribution

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid is the newest Kubernetes distribution developed by VMware. Already the next release is scheduled to include a multi-site deployment model.

Easy Deployment

You can easily deploy more software on the Kubernetes clusters in Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. Thereto, TKG extensions are used, which are similar to Helm Charts, but developed and supported completely by VMware.

Save Time

With “TKG extensions”, you can, for example, create a Prometheus + Grafana installation within minutes.

Efficient Management

You can use the Kubernetes Cluster API to manage the Kubernetes infrastructure.

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