Do you have and need more and more clients without a network connection? There’s a switch in the meeting room, and there’s a bunch of wires around? Wireless networks are becoming more and more important, they can and must meet the highest security requirements and be available on a stable basis.

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Together with you we plan and develop the optimal WLAN architecture individually for your environment. Our employees rely on devices from Ekahau (the market leader in WLAN simulation, illumination and measurement) to plan, simulate and actually measure the illumination at the end of the project. This provides our ekahau-certified employees with far-reaching options for planning and troubleshooting.


Our elevated Network Engineers design and implement a migration strategy with you with the aim of ensuring all work without impairing network operation.

Optimise / Operatoion

Even after an initial successful installation, a number of factors can have a negative impact on the operation of the WLAN. If necessary, we analyse your WLAN environment and carry out necessary measures for trouble-free operation. On request, we also offer this service as part of continuous monitoring with our tinuous monitoring with our managed services.

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  • 100% network availability is our top priority, at all times!
  • A system house with many years of experience and satisfied customers from all sectors.
  • A system house where employee training is the top priority.

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