IT security from very different angles

21. September 2023
IT security from very different angles

In this episode, Maciej Lelusz talks about safety in the sense of leaving your comfort zone. That is the basis of the conversation with Ahmad Halabi, a former hacker who managed to become one of the leading US DoD hackers within 5 months! Currently, as the head of the thriving Resecurity company, he explains how he uses his past skills for protection and security.

Hacking is not about computers, and soft – that’s a mindset about finding hidden things that are repetitive. Ahmad succeeded within 4-5 months of being a top US DoD hacker because of his automation process. Then he shaped into start-up that is focused on vulnerability assessment penetration.
And remember that all is not about the darknet it’s about the internet!

Listen to about:
🥷🏻 General geo situation and other aspects proving that security is a thing, especially:
🥷🏻 Digital Forensics
🥷🏻 Executive Protection
🥷🏻 Intelligence Services
🥷🏻 Managed Threat Detection
🥷🏻 Red Teaming
🥷🏻 vCISO

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