Aqua Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

Aqua Cloud Native Application Protection Platform: the integrated cloud native security platform

The container security platform Aqua Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) has been developed specifically to cope with the challenges of visibility, control, isolation, intrusion detection, and intrusion prevention in a container environment. At the same time, it stays transparent for DevOps and does not interfere with operational sequences. This way, your business can use the business opportunities of containers without increasing the risk profile.

Together with our partner Aqua Security evoila offers a solution, which guarantees agility and scalability combined with security and first-class support.

Aqua CNAPP can enhance your company’s IT security in almost no time. Contact us to learn more.

Benefit from Aqua CNAPP on various tiers

Automate DevSecOps

Ensure secure development and provisioning of applications in your DevOps pipelines. This is possible because comprehensive security tests and powerful policy-based controls are implemented swiftly.

Modernize security

Ensure “good code” thanks to application-oriented controls and by detecting and preventing suspicious activity.

Compliance and auditing

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements like GDPR (DSGVO), PCI, HIPAA over the whole cloud-native application life cycle.

Serverless container and functions

The Aqua Cloud Native Application Protection Platform offers security and compliance over the whole cloud-based spectrum, like AWS Lambda or AWS Fargate.

Hybrid cloud and multi cloud

Security is the enabler for your cloud migration, hybrid cloud and multi cloud environments. Trust in persistent security controls, which follow your workflows, no matter where they are executed.

Container security with Aqua CNAPP


Aqua CNAPP provides policy management, build scanning, image life cycle controls as well as monitoring and reporting. Aqua can furthermore be integrated with your build registries, your CI/CD tools for security tests during build, and with SIEMs for immediate notifications on audit and alert data.


Prevent vulnerabilities before they emerge—this is a strength of Aqua Security. Thanks to a powerful image scanning engine, it highlights vulnerabilities to developers and DevOps teams and thereby enables a quicker application deployment.


The Aqua Ecosystem offers various integrations. This gives flexibility and qualifies for many use cases: from CI/CD to the most common cloud providers and container platforms to full SIEM integration. And Aqua Security continues to integrate more services.

Individual consulting and support for your security strategy

Every organization has different security requirements. Whether you need us for consulting, planning, implementation, or operational support for a running Aqua instance: evoila is the partner that finds the right strategy, specifically adapted to you and growing with your needs.

Our services for your benefit

Thanks to our Aqua certified engineers and consultants, we offer our customers a solution, which guarantees agility and scalability combined with security and first-class support.

Raise the following questions to enhance your security:

What exactly is contained in the images that you provide? What do they execute and who created them?
Is the image still the same when it arrives in the productive environment?
Which users may start up and manage containers?
Do you monitor new CVEs daily and check, whether they are relevant for your images?
Do you have problems to enforce compliance guidelines for container environments in your organization?

References and certifications

Aqua Certified Engineer Services Partner

ISO 27001



Use cases for Aqua CNAPP

The world’s largest financial institutions, Internet companies, and retailers trust in Aqua to secure their cloud-native environments. Pioneers of the cloud-native strategy developed the Aqua platform to be scalable even for the largest environments and to secure huge clusters and massive DevOps pipelines. Its use cases include:

Continuous image assurance
Image-to-container drift prevention
Enforcing least privileges
Granular monitoring & logging
Container-level application firewall