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Today’s requirements on applications are high, especially in the cloud environment. This in turn requires modern technology for successful implementation and a future proof design of applications.

The evoila development tech stack evolves constantly. The most applications are based on a makeup of Angular—Spring—PostgreSQL in a docker container, but depending on project requirements, other technologies are also employed.

Currently, we employ the following technologies in different projects:

Java, Spring/Spring Boot, C#, .NET, Typescript, Angular, React, Vue, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Kotlin, Python, MongoDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, REST, Golang, Sonarcube, Vulnerability scanner, Docker, Github

Setup in a Three-Layer Architecture

The first layer is the frontend. We mostly employ Angular and React at this layer. Both technologies are well suited to provide a frontend as smart phone app and as browser web interface at the same time. A prefabricated design mockup quickly offers an interface that looks as desired.

Behind the frontend layer there is the logic layer. It holds, as the name already says, the application logic. Data is processed and edited in here. We develop this layer as Spring-Boot application in most cases.

The last element is the data layer. In here, data is stored and retrieved. For most applications and projects, we favor a PostgreSQL data base. All parts of the application are usually delivered as containers. Therefore, they can be deployed flexibly and scaled using a load balancer. We almost exclusively count on microservice architectures, which ensure maximum flexibility and scalability.

The Choice Is Up to You!

As our applications are segmented in small services, different technologies may be employed in a single project. This has a positive effect, if distinct parts of a project are more suitable to be implemented with a different technology.

Consulting By Nerds

Our experts are nerds in the best sense of the word. So, if your preferred technology is not part of the list, this does not imply that we do not have any knowledge in it. We look forward to individually consulting you on the choice of a suitable technology, as we have long-term experience in various projects.

  • We also offer projects as cooperation of different business units from evoila to provide optimum service. This enables us to provide a broad portfolio of technologies and knowledge. Combining application development and big data, for example, uncovers an immense potential.

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