Cloud-Native Development by Cloud Experts — A Strong Combo for Your Success

Cloud-native applications are designed all along to be deployed in the cloud without further adaptation. Cloud-native development is therefore the future of software development in many industries and areas.

evoila as the cloud expert is the right partner for you, if:

  • You are interested in modern application development
  • You want to make your organization’s application environment future-proof
  • You are convinced that only technological innovation can bring your company forward on the long run

Migrate Your Applications into the Cloud

Evoila has been a leading cloud expert in Germany ever since.

Therefore, our software development always had to be cloud ready. “Cloud-ready” quickly evolved into cloud-native. Together with our colleagues from other business units, we cover the complete life cycle of a cloud-native application, including operations—if needed. Our in-house security business unit drafts a concept for application security, if needed. This fulfills the highest standards.

Cloud-Native Software Development Counts On

  • Microservices 
  • Standardized interfaces
  • Containers 
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • DevOps 

This is an advantage, because these technologies allow to fulfill the requirements of cloud-native applications very well.

12 Factors for Cloud Native Custom Software

What are the key success factors for cloud-native development? Cloud-native development is defined by the following 12 factors:


A codebase that is tracked in revision control with many deployments.


Explicit definition and isolation of dependencies


Configuration storage in the environment

Backing Service

Backing services handled as connected resources

Build, Release, Run

Strict separation of build and run phases


Execution of the application in one or more stateless processes

Port Binding

Export of services via port binding


Scale-out via process model


Maximum robustness by quick startup and organized shutdown

Parity of Development and Production

Keep development, staging, and production as steady as possible


Treat protocols as event streams

Management Processes

Perform administrative and management tasks as singular processes

Cloud Native Development Offers Numerous Benefits

Applications are:

  • flexible in deployment
  • platform-independent
  • well scalable
  • robust
  • easily manageable
  • easy to monitor
  • easily changeable

Our Unique Attributes — Your Success

The evoila Group is one of the most competent partners for cloud-native development and cloud development around these applications thanks to its cloud expertise. We have broad knowledge in many areas of cloud technology and can therefore offer a comprehensive solution. From drafting to operation. You can trust us to run the developed applications and completely focus on your core competencies.

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