Log for vRA (vCAC) Update

17. August 2015
Reading time: 1 min

A few days ago I tried to upgrade a customer’s environment from vCAC 6.1.0 to vRA 6.2.2. In most cases a simple process when you follow the VMware Upgrade Guide.

While upgrading the vCAC/vRA Appliance I got the following failure message:

failed to install updates(error while running installation tests)

An error that says absolutely nothing. Damn! So I started my troubleshooting. In the default log files I couldn’t find any hints on the failure. Luckily, with a little research I found this log file:


Here I got some more details about the failure and was able to spot the source of the failure.

In our case, we decided to set up a complete new environment because there seemed to be a lot of other problems. In the past there were some manual changes so that this was the easiest solution.

I hope this hint helps you and you can fix the problem instead of set up everything new!