Java Applications not starting on Openstack based Cloud Foundry Deployment

Johannes Hiemer
5. August 2015
Reading time: 1 min

Recently we have set up a fresh and new installation of Cloud Foundry (v211). For testing and comparison purposes we installed an Openstack based version as well as a vSphere based version. While the deployment of Java applications ran smoothly on vSphere, we had a problem deploying applications on the Openstack based installation. The symptoms were:

– All other types of applications Javascript, Ruby and Python were starting without any problems
– Java application deployment on vSphere ran smoothly
– Java application deployment on Openstack sometimes worked, mostly failed.

The origin is that for session key generation Tomcat relies on SecureRandom, which in turn is based on network traffic, keyboard and mouse interaction. You can easily reproduce this by connecting to the runner_z1 x of your installation and enter some commands during deployment, or you can configure your applications with this additional setting: