API-driven Provisioning with Microsoft Entra and Azure Logic Apps 

Back in August last year, Microsoft announced1 a new feature for their “Entra ID” Identity Management solution, called “API-driven inbound...

Thomas Hartl

13. February 2024
vSphere with Tanzu – NSX-T + ALB integration

In my past blog articles, I wrote about the integration of Antrea with NSX-T and how to implement NSX ALB...

Steven Schramm

12. February 2024
CloudGoat – vulnerable_lambda with Pacu

As I aim to sharpen my cloud security expertise, I embrace the concept of practical, hands-on experience. Rhino Security Labs...

Eduard Schwarzkopf

8. February 2024
evoila is a Premier Partner of the Broadcom Advantage Partner Program

MAINZ, Germany – February 1, 2024 – evoila announces that from February 5, 2024, we will officially be a Premier...

Johannes Hiemer

1. February 2024
Secure Your AWS Account: The Critical Importance of MFA and the Ease of a CloudFormation Stack  

The world of cybersecurity is grappling with increasingly complex threats, with sophisticated cyber-attacks becoming the norm rather than an exception....

Eduard Schwarzkopf

1. February 2024
How to backup your SMB shares and blob storage from Azure to AWS with DataSync

Introduction Have you ever been in a situation where you had files on Azure but would like to have them...

Eduard Schwarzkopf

31. January 2024
VMware’s Licensing Transformation: Embracing the Shift to Subscriptions

In a significant move reshaping the VMware landscape, Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware has led to the announcement of a transition...

Christian Müller

19. January 2024
Updating VCF on VxRail to 4.5

A field report with some tips and tricks General Information Please keep in mind: This is not a step by...

Marcel Ofenloch

16. January 2024
Design and Implementation of an On-Premise Cloud Native Lakehouse with Use-Case Example

Introduction In this blog post, the design and implementation of an On-Premise Cloud Native Lakehouse developed by evoila is discussed. The system...

Silas Jung

22. December 2023
VMware Transformation: Navigating Changes, Embracing Subscriptions, and Unveiling Opportunities

VMware’s reorganization by Broadcom has achieved a new milestone through the announcement of significant simplification of its product portfolio, which...

Maciej Lelusz

20. December 2023
Antrea Integration for vSphere 8 with Tanzu

My previous blog article, is about the integration of NSX ALB for K8s as ingress controller based on AKO (AVI...

Steven Schramm

12. December 2023
NSX: Sharing the overlay transport VLAN between ESXi TEPs and Edge TEPs

Since NSX-T version 3.1.0 and higher, it is possible under certain circumstances to use the Edge TEP and the Host...

Daniel Krieger

5. December 2023