Debugging TensorFlow and Pandas Import Issue on macOS Sonoma with Apple M3 Pro

Introduction When transitioning to a new hardware setup, unexpected issues can arise. This was the case when I moved from...

Ilhan Karic

4. June 2024
Revamping ArgoCD: embracing plugins as standalone services

This year, I went to my first KubeCon in Paris, and it was really interesting. One session in particular caught...

Felix Brusch

24. May 2024
Inject secrets with Vault-agent-injector

Securing sensitive information, like passwords, access tokens, and private keys, is really important in the modern software development lifecycle. If...

Dominik Engelhardt

21. May 2024
Mastering IPSec Tunnels: Policy-Based Mode & DNAT Configuration on T1 Routers

This blog post dives into setting up an IPSec tunnel in policy-based mode and configuring Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT)...

Farzan Barouj

17. May 2024
Exploring LLMNetes at KubeCon 2024 in Paris: The Future of Kubernetes with Large Language Models

KubeCon 2024 in Paris truly lived up to its reputation as the premier event for Kubernetes enthusiasts and even surpassed...

Marcus Godehardt

16. May 2024
CloudNativePG – Postgres on Kubernetes with ease

KubeCon 2024 showcased a range of intriguing new features, tools, and mechanisms, with a particular emphasis on AI. But one...

Marcel Glaser

10. May 2024
VMware AVI Load Balancer Licensing – Simply explained

You plan to implement VMware AVI Load Balancer (AVI) as a new LoadBalancing or WAF solution, but you have problems...

Steven Schramm

8. May 2024
Top 5 Innovations from KubeCon 2024: Revolutionizing Data Management, Recovery, Developer Portals, Observability, and Security

Honey wake up! Belmin just posted an article about KubeCon 2024. It is finally time to write some of the...

Belmin Mahic

2. May 2024
ESET Protect vs. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Recently I had a chance to work for a customer who has been using ESET PROTECT antivirus. The Customer however...

Marcin Chwała

23. April 2024
Simplifying Kubernetes Monitoring: Insights from KubeCon Paris with Datadog

As the complexity of Kubernetes environments continues to grow, effective monitoring becomes critical to guarantee optimal performance and efficient resource...

Adis Duric

15. April 2024
NSX 4.X Certificate exchange of the NSX Manager

NSX 4.X Certificate exchange of the NSX Manager Certificate creation First of all, we need a CSR request. This can...

Daniel Krieger

5. April 2024
API-driven Provisioning with Microsoft Entra and Azure Logic Apps 

Back in August last year, Microsoft announced1 a new feature for their “Entra ID” Identity Management solution, called “API-driven inbound...

Thomas Hartl

13. February 2024