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Network Security

Perfectly secured software-defined networks.

Reliable network security for your organization

Network security services are important because cyber-attacks are complex and evolve further every day. Therefore, static technologies cannot cope with them long since. evoila’s security consulting team consults, designs, and implements a tailored network security for your private or hybrid cloud environment. We focus particularly on:

  • Segmentation
  • Firewalling / zone concepts
  • Traffic control
  • Security monitoring

Security and protection for your network environment

Our experts work independently of specific vendors and have industry-spanning knowledge. We are therefore, thanks to the qualifications of our lead teams and our partners, able to cover almost any security concern and threat. Whether you worry about your team, your property, proprietary information, intellectual property, customer data, or business continuity—we are there for you!

What we do for you:

Together with you, evoila designs and develops the perfect network architecture for your environment.

Together with you, evoila cloud engineers plan the migration in your software-defined network with focus on secure implementation.

We ease your daily routine and support operations with various automation functions, showing the benefits and use cases of automation in detail.

After successful migration, we support you in successful operation or we fully assume it as our managed service.

What you can expect from partnering with us

Control measures will be implemented to improve your network’s security. They are designed to protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Even if the control measures are constantly developed, it is challenging to keep attackers out of your network. evoila supports you in this regard with long-term experience and innovative tools.

Our engineers implement even complex designs as functional and secure networks.

We are familiar with the possibilities of micro-segmentation.

We directly connect your software-defined network to your monitoring (e. g. SIEM).


Measures to enhance network security

Security means constant work and education. This is the only way to stay ahead of cybercriminals. Furthermore, plans and teams must be on the ready in case unauthorized parties infringe your system. We show you what to do to prevent this.

  • Transforming your legacy network environment to a software-defined network
  • Protection by micro-segmentation
  • Linking up with next-generation firewalls like Fortinet in VMware NSX