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Reduce your Costs and Effortlessly Manage and Optimize Your Network Operations for Enhanced Performance

Are you looking for a future-proof network management solution that simplifies network management and significantly reduces your operational costs?
Then you might have found IT.

Marakifly in a Nutshell

Our solution allows you to significantly reduce your support costs for your Cisco Meraki Networks.

Our support software is very easy to use and self-explaining. Even members without a deep technical background can learn to use the app within a short period of time. This reduces the requirements for the L1 support members significantly and therefore the overall costs.

Our solution offers a substantial reduction in support expenses for your Cisco Meraki Networks.

In Detail

Our solution helps you reduce operating costs and optimize resource utilization, providing a cost-effective training program that enables your team to perform tasks more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources and increasing productivity. In addition, experience seamless authentication to ensure security and ease of use. Our advanced support features are always available to ensure you get the best possible assistance when you need it.

Another benefit is that by reducing the manual workload, your employees can focus on strategic tasks, while our system automatically ensures error-free network management. Our global adaptability keeps your networks running smoothly anywhere in the world.

In addition, you will benefit from our self-healing network management technology, which autonomously identifies and solves problems before they impact your business.

Discover the future of network management – efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.

Your Benefits at a glance

User Friendly
It is designed for ease of use and intuitive operation

Time Saving
It enables individuals, regardless of their technical proficiency, to become proficient with the application in a minimal timeframe

Value Optimizing
It significantly decreases the demands on Level 1 support staff, thereby lowering overall costs

Cost-Optimization Example Based on a Typical Scenario

without MerakiflyMerakifly
Merakifly BusinessMerakifly
L1 members04,596,75
L2 members1510,566
Meraki devices1.5001.5001.5001.500
Monthly salary costs97.500 €86.250 €75.000 €66.000 €
Monthly Marakifly fee0 €1.050 €1.500 €3.000 €
Reduced costs
Reduction %
0 €
10.200 €
21.000 €
28.500 €

Powerful Tools for cost efficient network support

Intuitive and Simple User Interface

Interface brings network operations within easy reach of all users, regardless of their technical background. From quick set-up to efficient daily management, it ensures that every interaction is smooth, logical, and productive. The clean, uncluttered design reduces learning curves, accelerates task completion, and enhances overall user satisfaction.

Flexible Integration

Tailored for a perfect fit, our software is engineered to integrate smoothly with your unique ecosystem. Our solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with both Single Sign-On (SSO) systems and conventional authentication protocols, enhancing user access and security.

Authentication Integration

  • Azure AD
  • GitHub
  • Google
  • and many more…

Live tools

  • reboot device
  • port cycle
  • blink device leds
  • ping device
  • other tools


  • Meraki devices
  • client devices
  • network health
  • VPN status
  • Network events
  • configuration changes
  • login attempts

User experience

  • familiar design using customers colors and logo
  • minimizing adaptation time
  • intuitive

Connect Ticket systems for L2 support

  • Jira
  • automatically enrich ticket with information

Optional custom modules

  • Router Managemet
  • EC Terminals
  • Sound Systems
  • And much more…

These are just examples. We can extend our Support Application with almost anything you can imagine.

Multi-Site Network Simplification

Our software is purpose-built to address the complexities of managing networks across multiple remote site locations. Whether you operate a few remote sites or manage an extensive network of locations, our solution streamlines network management for each remote site’s unique infrastructure. Simplify the process of integrating new remote sites into your system, reducing setup time and ensuring a seamless transition. Empower your support teams with immediate access to remote site-specific network data, enabling them to resolve issues swiftly and enhance overall customer support.

Automated Operations

This feature transforms your network into a self-optimizing entity, capable of conducting automated device reboots and proactive network health checks. By automating these critical tasks, we not only reduce your costs and manual workload but also enhance the reliability and performance of your network. This intelligent automation ensures a robust, efficient network environment, allowing your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine maintenance. Ultimately, this enhances customer satisfaction in your stores.

Access Control

Enhance your network’s security with our Access Control feature, a key differentiator from standard Meraki offerings. By enabling precise control over who accesses what within your network, you’re not only bolstering security but also ensuring that each user has the right level of access to perform their role effectively. Catering to the needs of global enterprises, our solution uniquely supports the implementation of country or region-specific access levels, allowing for finely-tuned control tailored to the geographical nuances of your organization’s operations.


Our software operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, offering a seamless and user-centric approach. With evoila Merakifly, there’s no lengthy installation process or complex configurations. This user-friendly and cost-effective solution is tailored for modern businesses, ensuring seamless transitions and accessibility for all your network management needs.


Discover the flexibility and simplicity of evoila Merakifly’s pricing plans. Whether you decide on our Basic Plan or seek the advanced capabilities of our Automation Plan, our pricing is transparent and straightforward. Our fixed fee per Cisco Meraki device and three different plans ensure a pricing according to your needs.

Merakifly BasicMerakifly BusinessMerakifly Automation
One-time set-up fee2.000€4.000€6.000€
Monthly fee per Meraki device0,7€1€2€
Integrate your authentication method
Intuitive User Interface
Easy to learn User Interface
Flexible Integration
Enhanced Automated Operations
Your corporate design
Extend functionality with custom modules
Drastically reducing support costs using automation
Support response time48h24h24h
Ticket systems for L2 support?
Easy way to replace Meraki devices
Simplified Network Management
Seamless Authentication
Enhanced Support Capability
Reduced Operational Expenses✅ ✅✅ ✅ ✅
Optimized Resource Utilization
Auto-Healing Network



  • 1

    If you manage multiple stores or sites with Cisco Meraki networks and are either currently running or planning to establish a support team for these networks, then this software is tailored for you. Our solution offers a promising way to significantly decrease your support costs for these networks while enhancing support quality. This reduction in costs is primarily achieved by replacing L2 support members with more cost-effective L1 support members.

  • 1

    Evoila Merakifly software provides simplified network management, cost-efficient training solutions, efficient task handling, seamless authentication, enhanced support capabilities, reduced manual workload, global adaptability, reduced operational expenses, optimized resource utilization, and auto-healing network management.

  • 1

    At evoila Merakifly, we offer a range of pricing plans designed to suit your needs. Choose from our Basic Plan for essential features or upgrade to our Automation Plan for advanced capabilities. With transparent and straightforward pricing, our fixed fee per Cisco Meraki device and three different plans ensure a pricing according to your needs.

  • 1

    Our automation package, which includes the Auto-Healing Network Support feature, allows the system to automatically diagnose and resolve common network issues, reducing downtime by proactively addressing problems such as device malfunctions or connectivity issues. As a result, customers can typically reduce their L1 team size by at least 25% compared to our commercial package.

  • 1

    By offering a user-friendly interface and intuitive design, the support software enables team members, regardless of technical background, to quickly learn its usage. As a result, the need for L1 support members is reduced, leading to significant cost savings.

  • 1

    Built-in guides within the software offer clear and easy-to-follow guidance, serving as a valuable resource for support team members. This integrated guidance not only provides assistance in resolving network issues but also acts as a cost-effective training solution, reducing the need for extensive training programs and saving significant training costs and resources.

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