Edge Computing Modernization

8. December 2023
Edge Computing Modernization

Maciej comes from the old days like hardware ages. Remembers the definition of the cloud as a movement to another hardware. These days everybody forgets about the Edge, called on-premise. He asks guys from VMware: Alexandra Baleta & Kangwarn Chinthammit to help me understand the whole process and answer questions.

Now, after the excitement of Kubernetes, clusters, and moving to hyperscalers, we realize there are issues from compliance or tooling perspectives etc. Maciej and his guests from VMware: Alexandra Baleta, Sr. Director Industry EMEA & Kangwarn Chinthammit, Sr. Director, Solution Architecture – Edge Compute – help him understand the whole process and answer questions as:

🧐 Is the VMware strategy the answer for hyperscalers’ craving to go to the edge?

🧐 Is standardization on the edge required for reliability and sustainability?

🧐 Is that true that VMware has modernized the edge constantly from the very beginning of the company 20 years ago?

🤝 Partner of the episode: VMware

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