VMware vSphere Update Manager causes VXLAN Agent to fail on install and uninstall

Team evoila
20. March 2014
Reading time: 1 min

The title of this article is that of VMware KB article 2053782. Following the steps seems simple but turned out to provide a couple of pitfalls and inaccuracies:

Mean pitfall:

Open a browser to the MOB at: https://vCenter_Server_IP/eam/mob/

When I opened this URL to my vCenter server, I received the following error message:

The vSphere ESX Agent Manager (vEAM) failed to complete the command.

The thing to point out here is the slash / after “mob” in the URL! Without this slash it won’t work

Unclear Instructions:

b. In the <config> field, change the value from true to false:

Reading this, the way I understood the instructions was to leave the XML data as is but turn “true” into “false” for the bypassVumEnabled element. In the code example they gave, they removed all the other elements but I thought that’s probably because of saving space in the KB article. WRONG! Turned out you have to:

  1. Delete all the XML data from the text field
  2. Paste the code above (config element with nested bypassVumEnabled element) – nothing else!


Hope that helps 🙂