Promoting men’s mental health in the workplace: signs of a supportive environment

Joelina Wüst
3. November 2023
Reading time: 2 min
Promoting men’s mental health in the workplace: signs of a supportive environment

Studies have found that men often hide their own mental health issues and don’t want to ask for help. This makes them keep their feelings inside and feel alone, which can make mental health problems more likely.

Society tells men they should always be strong and tough, so they deal with stress and feelings in not-so-healthy ways. But if they’re in a place where they can talk openly and get support, they’re more likely to share their problems and get help. When a workplace understands what people need and what stresses them out, men are more likely to feel better about themselves and get the help they need.

By making it clear that men’s mental health matters and giving people ways to get help early on, bosses can make it easier for everyone to talk about mental health. But how can you tell if your workplace is like that? Here are seven things to look for:

  1. Open communication: Employees have the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas freely and there is an open exchange for constructive feedback and discussion.
  2. Getting along with co-workers: Being friendly with the people you work with helps everyone feel better.
  3. Being treated well: Everyone gets treated nicely and equally, no matter what their job is, how old they are, or where they’re from.
  4. Balancing work and life: Having enough time for work and for your personal life is really important for a good workplace.
  5. Chances to grow: Getting the chance to learn new things and get better at your job helps everyone do their best.
  6. Fair pay and good stuff like health insurance: Everyone gets paid fairly and gets the same good things like health insurance.
  7. A clean and safe place to work: It’s really important that the place you work is clean and safe so you stay healthy.

In general, having a good workplace that looks out for men’s mental health highlights how important it is to promote talking openly, working together, being fair, having a good balance between work and personal life, chances to grow, fair pay, and a safe place to work. These things don’t just make the workplace better, they also make it easier for men to get help and make it less hard to talk about mental health.