evoila with new brand identity

Alexandra Mueller
30. May 2022
Reading time: 1 min
evoila with new brand identity

We are happy to announce the launch of our new evoila logo as part of the continuous development of the evoila brand.

In the history of any company, there comes a moment when you need to take a closer look at who you are, or better, who you have become, and make this also visible to others. This point in time has come to evoila a few months ago, and our creative marketing team has been busy updating our visual identity to reflect what we are now and how our company approaches many things these days.

If you’ve paid a little attention lately, visually we’ve become bolder, sharper and more focused.


Why is that?

At evoila, we’re a team that excels at expertise and agility, and we like to transmit that in our aesthetics. In addition to unifying our logo variants for internationalization, evoila has also become a word mark.

The surfaces of the new key visual form dynamic platforms in their basic shapes, in the connection of which something new is created.

The connection between our employees (green) and our customers (blue) creates evoila solutions (light blue). Innovative technology meets expertise, and the intersection creates evoila performance.

Does that sound like more?

We think—yes!

In this sense we are very happy to continue to live and develop the evoila performance with you, our customers and partners and our team.