evoila takes over VMware team from vleet

Team evoila
2. November 2022
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evoila takes over VMware team from vleet

“Top Tech” team under one roof

After years of a joint and successful partnership, vleet GmbH (vleet), led by Michael Völk and Mathias Meyenburg, and evoila GmbH (evoila), with Johannes Hiemer and Lars Göbel as CEOs, have decided, following constructive discussions in September and October, to take a joint path in the future in the areas of VMware.

Therefore, evoila takes over the entire VMware team of vleet on 01.11.2022.

Completing portfolio – expanding partnership

For evoila, the takeover of the employees of vleet, combined with a strategic decision to further expand the strong growth in the future not only in the existing areas of the partner VMware Global Inc. The expertise and quality will also be advanced in the area of end-user computing by the strengthened team of evoila. The objective is to expand the business to include the diverse components of end-user computing, in the form of consulting and managed service. Due to today’s technological challenges of multi-cloud and the increasing shortage of skilled personnel among customers, evoila will present a managed service offering in the coming months, which in combination with VMware Carbon Black will become a holistic, standardized and competitive offering in end-user computing in Germany and Europe.

Future collaboration vleet and evoila

In the future, vleet and evoila will continue to cooperate in various fields of IT. During the negotiations, a high level of trust was evident on both sides due to the many years of cooperation. For Lars Göbel, Managing Director of evoila in the areas of sales and marketing, it is clear that “the combination of our competencies with the holistic coverage of the VMware portfolio and the agility, the growth of evoila will be a considerable success in the future.

Michael Völk, CEO and owner of vleet is also convinced of the bundling of competences: “over years we have worked together in trust, we have the same understanding of training of employees:inside, quality, speed and long-term business relationships. I look forward to further future cooperation in other areas”.