VMware AVI Load Balancer Licensing – Simply explained

You plan to implement VMware AVI Load Balancer (AVI) as a new LoadBalancing or WAF solution, but you have problems...

8. May 2024
vSphere with Tanzu – NSX-T + ALB integration

In my past blog articles, I wrote about the integration of Antrea with NSX-T and how to implement NSX ALB...

12. February 2024
Antrea Integration for vSphere 8 with Tanzu

My previous blog article, is about the integration of NSX ALB for K8s as ingress controller based on AKO (AVI...

12. December 2023
vSphere with Tanzu AKO integration for Ingress

For vSphere with Tanzu deployments it is necessary to fulfill some networking requirements and at least have NSX Advanced Load...

20. October 2022
NSX-T Edge Multi-TEP Flow-Cache Bug

NSX-T unterstützt Multi-TEP wie bereits NSX-V in der Vergangenheit. Diese Funktion war bis dato auf ESXi-Hosts beschränkt und wurde für Edge-Knoten nicht angeboten. Geändert hat sich das mit der NSX-T Version 2.4. Mit der neuen Version wird Multi-TEP auch für Edge Knoten angeboten und gleichzeitig die Nord-Süd-Netzwerkleistung optimiert.

23. September 2020
vCloud Director 10 NSX-T backed OVDC – Add externel based network with dedicated physical NIC

Mit der Veröffentlichung vom vCloud Director 10 ist auch die NSX-T-Integration verfügbar. Unser Kollege Steven Schramm zeigt euch in diesem Artikel welche Einschränkungen es für  NSX-T-unterstützte OVDCs im Vergleich zu NSX-V-unterstützenden OVDCs gibt und wie ihr damit umgehen könnt.

15. April 2020
vCloud Director 10 – SAML Authentication with Keycloak as Identity Provider

This article describes how to configure vCloud Director 10 to consume authentication information from a SAML identity provider using Keycloak. If you will provide your customers access to more than one system, it might be helpful to have a single point of authentication. The advantages to have a central system for all authentication requests are reduced configuration overhead, troubleshooting complexity and the possibility to implement Single Sign-On.

16. December 2019
NSX-T Edge Appliance Deployment Regulations

This article describes the regulations, if deploying NSX-T Edges as appliance and show the supported deployment scenarios. Following a short overview about the three deployment scenarios. NSX-T Edge appliance on NSX-T prepared host with just N-VDS NSX-T Edge appliance on NSX-T prepared host with VDS and N-VDS NSX-T Edge appliance on different vSphere cluster not prepared for NSX-T

7. October 2019