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Logos, fonts, colors and other elements of evoila’s corporate design.

The logo

The evoila logo is a standard word mark that is available with and without the slogan “engineering IT”.
The standard logo is the variant without the slogan and should be applied as a rule. The logo itself is available in color, darkmode, black and white. Where black and white are used only when color is not possible.

The logo with slogan

The word picture mark should always be used where evoila is a “foreign brand”.
The slogan makes it clear that evoila is an IT company. If the logo is displayed very small so that the slogan is no longer legible, the standard logo should be preferred. Whereby black and white are only used if color is not possible.

The contrast logo

The contrast logoThe contrast logo is used when the background does not stand out enough from the key visual colors.
The contrast logo is also available with and without a slogan. Normal and Darkmode are available as colors.

No Go’s

The logo must not be deformed.

The logo must not be placed at an angle.

The logo must not be displayed without the key visual.

The logo must not be recolored.

The elements of the logo must not be moved.

The logo must stand out from the background.
If it is not possible, the contrast logo must be used.

The logo must not be placed on bumpy backgrounds.

The typography of the logo must not be changed.

evoila colors



Light blue




Dark Blue

Used for headings


Used for body text

Light gray

Used for backgrounds

Pastel blue

Used for backgrounds

evoila fonts

The Rubrik Medium is used for headlines.

The Lato is used for general texts.

For links and other highlighting, the Rubik Regular should be used.


Any questions?

Contact our team of experts. We are open for all your questions.

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