AWS User Group KRK meetup #58 & IT HUB at Philip Morris

Katarzyna Machowska
16. maja 2022
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AWS User Group KRK meetup #58 & IT HUB at Philip Morris

Next meetup AWS User Group in Kraków is coming  This time: on-line + on-site…on-the-boat!

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〰️ Welcome and intro by (AWS Hero) & ę

✔️ „Cloud On-Premises, based on the AWS Outposts proof of concept in PMI” by
Piotr Długoń-Ryba & Miłosz Siemiński, IT HUB at Philip Morris

✔️ „How to run your first application on Elastic Container Service < 1 hour”
by Łukasz Tomaszkiewicz, AWS Poland

〰️ Discussion, Q&A & Giveaways

Details about Speakers & Talks

☞ Piotr Długoń-Ryba
IT Manager of the Cloud Operation Team in PMI and a SysOps engineer and certificated AWS Solution Architect. He has over 20th years of experience related to IT infrastructure and software deployment. During last 5 years, he focused mainly on Public & Private Cloud solutions based on: AWS, Azure, and VMware, helping PMI product teams to onboard applications in the cloud-based environment.

☞ Miłosz Siemiński
IT engineer & architect with 14 years of professional experience in various IT areas: starting from user endpoints, through administering on-prem server, storage, and network infrastructure ending with private (VMware) & public cloud (AWS, Azure) technologies. Over last year working on the refreshing private cloud in PMI and adapting it to a manufacturing environment.

☞ Łukasz Tomaszkiewicz
enior Solution Architect for AWS based in Poland. I help developers and devops engineers to accelerate their careers in the public cloud.
For many years I’ve supported developer teams in delivering cloud-based solutions – from the design phase, through automation of deployment to monitoring and optimization as well as day-to-day operations.
In my professional life, I’m mainly focused on AWS infrastructure, however – after hours – I like doing my own side projects as it helps me understand the issues developers may have while using the cloud.
: ECS is AWS proprietary container orchestration platform that you can use to quickly and efficiently deploy your first application in the cloud. During the session, I’ll show you step-by-step how to do it as well as I’ll guide you about the basics and features of ECS.