Getting Started with the Argo Project

  • Online
  • 07.06.2024
  • 10:00 - 11:30

The Argo project, part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), represents a pioneering endeavor in cloud-native workflow management. Argo streamlines the execution of complex tasks and pipelines within Kubernetes environments, offering powerful capabilities for orchestration, automation, and scaling. Leveraging containerization and Kubernetes-native features, Argo empowers developers and operators to build, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications efficiently and reliably.

In this webinar we will give you an overview about the Argo Project so that you know how you can get started automatic your workloads and we will specifically deep dive into the functionalities of Argo Workflows and Argo Events.


Niklas Fritsch

Kubernetes Platform Engineer @ evoila

Niklas Fritsch is a Cloud Engineer with a fervent interest in cloud-native technologies. Over the past two years at evoila, he has delved deeply into the CNCF ecosystem, honing his expertise in VMware Tanzu and Rancher RKE2. Niklas finds great satisfaction in leveraging cloud-native solutions to streamline application development and deployment processes. His commitment to continuous learning ensures he remains informed about the latest advancements within the CNCF community.

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