VMware vSphere 7

Our offer

Our vSphere with Tanzu project starts with the architectural discussion and the concept draft. The latter shows, how it shall be deployed. Together, we discuss the requirements on both sides. We also supply best practices about what should be available during installation. This in turn is the base for the adaptation of the solution to make it tailored to your application.

Then the installation is performed. This can be performed on-premises or remote with or without access to your environment. If desired, we create documents reflecting the status quo and describing processes like “permissions scheme” or “updates”.

We also support you in installing other tools, covering the following use cases:

Backup and recovery
Infrastructure deployment via CI/CD
Kubernetes operators
Identity and access management
Ingress controller
We look forward to consulting you on the best solution for your business and support you during the integration of existing solutions in the Kubernetes infrastructure.

Set up a modern Kubernetes infrastructure on an existing vSphere hypervisor

With VMware vSphere with Tanzu, you can execute workloads within your existing IT infrastructure. The solution closes the gap between IT operations and development using an infrastructure for cloud-native applications on-premises and in the cloud. evoila supports you with:

Consulting concerning architectural design
Installation and configuration of workload management (supervisor cluster)
Installation with NSX-T or with vSphere Networking and NSX ALB
Installation of Kubernetes platform
Kubernetes Cluster-as-a-Service
Application deployment on vSphere 7 with Tanzu
Lifecycle management in Kubernetes (Day 2)
Permission scheme for the platform
Backup and recovery with Velero
Alerting, logging, and monitoring: Installation of various tools via TKG extensions and consulting and support during integration of existing solutions in Kubernetes
Ingress service

Learn more about the strengths of VMware vSphere 7 with Tanzu

Directly usable

If you already use vSphere, you can directly use the infrastructure and transform it into a Kubernetes platform. You do not need any other hardware if your existing infrastructure is sized sufficiently.

New clusters in no time

The creation, termination, and operation of Kubernetes clusters is amazingly easy. You can create or terminate various clusters within minutes.

More security

vSphere 7 with Tanzu additionally allows to run the new Option “vSphere Pods” directly on the hypervisor. This enables you to run the containers directly on the ESXi hosts. This in turn adds to your security because the containers are treated as small virtual machines.

More software

You can easily deploy more software on the Kubernetes clusters in vSphere 7 with Tanzu. To this end, “TKG extensions” are used. These are similar to Helm Charts but developed and supported completely by VMware. With “TKG extensions”, you can, for example, create a Prometheus + Grafana installation within minutes.

The best solution for you

There are multiple options to deploy Harbor as image registry in vSphere 7 with Tanzu. As each option poses individual advantages and disadvantages, we support you in selecting the right option for your requirements.

Known environment

The Kubernetes infrastructure can be managed directly in vCenter. For many administrators, this means a strong benefit, because they are already used to the vCenter GUI.

Our unique attributes—your benefit

At evoila, there is no dedicated team that exclusively deals with vSphere 7 with Tanzu; we have infrastructure teams (vSphere and NSX-T), container platform teams (Kubernetes), and teams supporting your developers (DevOps). This means, there is a team of experts for any relevant area, with deep knowledge about certain topics. They usually work together at the customer’s site and can therefore provide best consulting.

We offer various trainings, which cover certain aspects of the product according to the customer’s demands.