Innovative container technology

We optimize your software for a modern infrastructure

We help you to set up a container infrastructure, to develop applications running on the containers with best practices, and to standardize the deployment with CI/CD. In this context, you can trust in our experience with various cloud environments. Because: Multi-cloud approaches are no foreign concept to us.


evoila provides

Development best practices
Application configuration
Application container deployment
Container image composition
Container registry usage in the infrastructure
Container image security
k8s deployment
Cloud Foundry deployment
Multi-cloud / service mesh integration
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Container technology’s strengths

Containers offer numerous benefits:


Container applications can be executed on various operating systems.


Lower than on virtual machines because containers do not hold an own operating system. It provides only the system resources, which are needed to run applications.


Significantly more efficient if applications run in containers (updates, patches, vertical and horizontal scaling).


With the microservices approach, an application’s components can be scaled dynamically, independently from other components. This is not possible on a monolithic system.

Use cases

  • DevSecOps and CI/CD approaches
  • Cloud environments
  • Modern infrastructures
  • Required for deployments on Kubernetes and/or Cloud Foundry

Our offer for container technology in detail

At first, we look at your requirements together and then define the project’s goals. This is the only way we can help you in an optimum way and find and implement the perfect custom solution.


We support you in:

Building cloud-native/-ready applications
Composing secure and optimized container images
Adapting/modifying your applications for container and microservices
Modernizing your applications
Implementing a connection to multi-cloud environments
Deploying your applications on a container infrastructure
Managing container life cycles and consulting you on best practices