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evoila GmbH intents to become a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Provider to optimize Cloud Usage and Adoption

evoila GmbH, the holistic solution provider for consulting, managed services, and licensing, is excited to act as a design partner for VMware Cross-Cloud managed services.

The Power of VMware’s Reliable and More Secure Platform for Your Cloud Services

As a design partner, evoila will work closely with VMware to help ensure that their VMware Cross-Cloud managed services meet the highest standards. Moreover, evoila will build a VMware Cross-Cloud managed services validated services offering for one or more of the five prescriptive offers to ensure that their customers receive the best possible service.

With VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, evoila will offer customers VMware’s reliable, more secure platform, enabling their cloud services to be highly available, scalable, and more secure. Customers can adopt robust cloud services with low risk and the fast time to value, built on VMware’s deeply integrated, enterprise-class multi-cloud infrastructure as a service solution.

Centralized Governance and Compliance with VMware Aria for Multi-Cloud 

The VMware Cross-Cloud managed services for Private and Managed Provider Clouds powered by VMware Cloud Packs will provide customers with a seamless and more secure experience across multiple clouds. This offering will enable customers to meet their business demands with the flexibility and scalability they need.

In addition, the VMware Cross-Cloud managed services for Public Cloud powered by VMware Cloud on AWS will provide customers with a full VMware-based software-defined data center experience inside AWS, the world’s largest public cloud. This offering will provide customers with a seamless and more secure experience across multiple clouds, giving them the flexibility and scalability to meet their business demands.

evoila’s Commitment to Providing the Best Possible Cloud Computing Solutions and Services

Finally, the VMware Cross-Cloud managed services for Centralized Governance powered by VMware Aria for Multi-Cloud will enable customers to improve operational intelligence services across multi-cloud environments. This offering will centralize security and compliance, providing continuity of control through monitoring and remediation services, and enabling customers to meet regulatory and compliance requirements with ease.

„At evoila, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible cloud computing solutions and services,“ said CEO Johannes Hiemer from evoila. „With building up VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, working to achieve the Managed Services Specialization and earning the VMware Cross-Cloud managed services badge, we are taking another step towards fulfilling that commitment, enabling our customers to adopt cloud services with greater ease, confidence, and efficiency.“

“Partner-led managed services are a critical part of our strategy to help customers become cloud smart,” said Zia Yusuf, senior vice president, strategic ecosystem and industry solutions, VMware. “evoila is helping to lead the customer tranformation driven by multi-cloud adoption across europe, and they will bring invaluable insights to VMware. We expect Cross-Cloud managed services will help evoila deliver customer solutions in weeks not years, and help their customers deliver modern applications across multi-cloud environments more seamlessly and securely.”

evoila GmbH: Get it done no bull#!t!

Overall, evoila’s commitment to providing the best possible cloud computing solutions and services is evident in the building of VMware Cross-Cloud managed services and the dedication to becoming a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Provider. To learn more about evoila’s VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, visit

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