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bosh-lite Error: cf-lamb.yml: no such file or directory

As I have been asked for this error several times now, I wanted to take the chance write a short blog post about it. When installing bosh-lite, most of your will certainly run across the following error:

$ ./bin/make_manifest_spiff
2015/04/05 01:25:07 error reading stub [/home/user/workspace/cf-release/templates/cf-lamb.yml]: open /home/user/workspace/cf-release/templates/cf-lamb.yml: no such file or directory
Incorrect YAML structure in `/home/user/workspace/bosh-lite/manifests/cf-manifest.yml': expected Hash at the root

The issue here can be found in the cf-release repository. When you take a look at the following link:, you can see that cf-lamb.yml is a symbolic link into the loggregator repository. A quick win and easy way to resolve that is to just replace the symbolic in cf-releace/templates/cf-lamb.yml with the raw contents of the following file:

Hope that works for you!