Recently when I tried to deploy Cloud Foundry v212 and the according Diego release I got stuck at the following error:

ubuntu@cf-jumphost:~/workspace/releases/diego-release$ bosh create release --force && bosh -n upload release && bosh -n deploy
Syncing blobs...

Building DEV release
Release artifact cache: /home/ubuntu/.bosh/cache

Building license
Building license...
Using final version '861d82c0d9745784acfcd026ccf44e942579824a'
Building packages
Building buildpack_app_lifecycle...
Package 'buildpack_app_lifecycle' has a glob that resolves to an empty file list:*.go

This error occurs, when the ./scripts/update did not run through completely without any issues. To solve it you can either run ./scripts/update, or if this does not solve the issue, the following:

ubuntu@cf-jumphost:~/workspace/releases/diego-release$ git submodule update --init --recursive