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We are looking for motivated colleagues who share our passion for IT and who work with great curiosity and enthusiasm for technological issues.

In doing so, we deliberately place a lot of free space for our own ideas, flat hierarchies and a particularly pleasant, collegial working atmosphere. We are a team hungry for knowledge with the strong desire to develop and educate constantly – also in the intensive professional exchange with you! You want to know more? Then contact us now!

evoila career tracks

At evoila you will find three so-called “Career Tracks” due to the business areas served by the company. Each track defines special levels that can be run through by an employee in respective stages.

The job title is composed of track, position and level:
For example, a business card would identify an “architect” of the “Cloud” track of the “Lead” level named “Cloud Architect – Lead“.

The positions within a track are not considered as a sequential development, which means that a Cloud Track Engineer does not automatically become an architect after passing through the levels. A change of position within a track with appropriate development and goals is possible, but is may be connected with special requirements and restrictions.

In 3 steps to a higher level

The different stages of the various tracks as well as their preconditionsand tasks are explained in the following sections. These do not include criteria whose fulfillment justifies the progression on the career ladder, but it mainly deals with minimum requirements that evoila demands on the employee in a particular position.

To reach a higher level or to move to another position, the following steps are necessary:


Fulfillment of the minimum requirement of the desired position and level


Applying for a job advertised in public that relates to this position and level


Approval by the employer

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