CloudGoat – vulnerable_lambda with Pacu

As I aim to sharpen my cloud security expertise, I embrace the concept of practical, hands-on experience. Rhino Security Labs...

Eduard Schwarzkopf

8. February 2024
Secure Your AWS Account: The Critical Importance of MFA and the Ease of a CloudFormation Stack  

The world of cybersecurity is grappling with increasingly complex threats, with sophisticated cyber-attacks becoming the norm rather than an exception....

Eduard Schwarzkopf

1. February 2024
How to backup your SMB shares and blob storage from Azure to AWS with DataSync

Introduction Have you ever been in a situation where you had files on Azure but would like to have them...

Eduard Schwarzkopf

31. January 2024
Point-to-Point Integrations with EventBridge Pipes

Introduction EventBridge Pipes is a new functionality that was released at last year’s re:Invent and is intended to simplify various...

Tim Rosenblüh

16. October 2023
I Exposed AWS Access Keys, On Purpose: Here’s What I Learned and How I Boosted Incident Response

Introduction Who doesn’t know that, you just write a quick fix for your code? After a few hours, the function...

Eduard Schwarzkopf

5. October 2023
How to create a local IoT broker with greengrass and connect it to the aws cloud

Introduction Greengrass is a software developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the deployment of local compute, messaging, and data...

Eduard Schwarzkopf

22. September 2023
Reimagine the Image Pipeline

Handling incoming images is a very central topic for many companies active in the media industry. Managing these images is...

Thomas Berger

24. July 2023
Bring your data import processes into the cloud 

For a company which is hosting a popular jobs and real estate website, it is essential to have a healthy...

Andreas Rütten

6. July 2023
ABAC vs RBAC – Leveraging AWS IAM to simplify large-scale access control

Introduction Access Control is becoming increasingly complicated and cumbersome when organizations get larger, operate more services and generally get more...

Tobias Quitzau

9. May 2023
How to ensure RDS-Instance startup in AWS?

Introduction Last year, I addressed a cost reduction topic for RDS-instances in a blog post. I implemented a straightforward time-based...

Tim Rosenblüh

7. March 2023
Secure User Authentication with Next.js, NextAuth.js, and AWS Cognito

Introduction For one of our projects, we have decided to use Next.js 13. As a backend developer, you can imagine...

Eduard Schwarzkopf

7. March 2023